Multi-Sport Simulator

Our updated pavilion now features a state-of-the-art Multi-Sport simulator with Full Swing Software and patented dual-tracking technology for real-time ball flight display. With high-speed cameras using Swing Catalyst software, it’s an excellent way to improve your swing. Plus, there are tons of other sports games available to play, from Hockey to Zombie Dodgeball, so you’ll never run out of ways to have fun and stay active!

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Full Swing Simulator
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Indoor Simulator - C Play on our Full Swing simulators like the pros or experience the multi-sport simulator games like baseball, basketball, dodgeball and more. $60 Starts From
Cool Springs Golf Complex
1530 Hamilton Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15234

If you do not see availability that you need, please call the Clubhouse at 412-831-5080

Full Swing Software Seen on The Golf Channel

The ION3 Overhead camera captures your ball’s initial launch data as it records HD Videos of your club head for post-swing analysis. In addition to what Full Swing has to offer, the simulator is also equipped with high-speed cameras utilizing Swing Catalyst software. Swing Catalyst includes slow-motion playback, video overlay, side-by-side comparison, and drawing tools to make it a user-friendly experience and a fantastic way to improve your swing.

Multiple Games For Everyone

If golf isn’t your thing or want to take a break from swinging, how about you check out some of the awesome sports we have available? From Carnival games like knock the bottles over to Zombie Dodgeball, this has something for everyone.

Other Games Include: Hockey, Lacrosse, Football, Baseball, Cricket, Rugby, Soccer, Bocce, and Zombie Dodgeball.

The above video is not shot at Cool Springs but instead is used to show the capabilities of the MultiSport Simulator.