Giving Back Since 1977

Cool Springs Is Giving Back To The Community

When it comes to community, no one appreciates our neighbors more than Cool Springs. Since 1977 we have taken pride in our work and great joy in serving the Pittsburgh region. Our investment in our campus and our people will always be driven by the passion to give back to the community that has supported us for over forty years.

How it works:

Complete the registration form to the right and once submitted, our management will contact you for further information and to develop your special night if you are selected. Our selection process includes a thorough review of your application and a phone interview with our management team to ensure all details are disclosed and an agreeable date for your event is decided upon. Cool Springs is proud to partner with amazing organizations like yours that are truly making an impact in the community. When you succeed, our community thrives! This is why we will provide recommendations on how to build awareness for your event and document all money collected from event participants. We’ll cut you a check for 20% of sales presented with a digital, print or mention of the Night of Giving event. The more people promote and participate, the more purchases made. This event is only as successful as you make it. Cool Springs is not responsible for the distribution or promotion of Night of Giving events or participating organizations. Distribution of invitations and promotion of the event must be completed before arriving at Cool Springs. After the event we’ll contact your organization’s representative to review the funds raised. It’s that simple.

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How To Promote:

We will supply the event organizer with information on how to build the event awareness in our network and yours. A printable flyer template and a digital image for social media will be shared for editing and printing for your own distribution. We recommend the organizer then create a Facebook event page and utilize all digital and real-life connections to spread the word. Our team will work with you leading up to and during the event to ensure everyone participating understands your mission and feels great about making a direct impact in their community. Together we can build a brighter future through a Night of Giving at Cool Springs!

Looking For Cool Springs To Make A Donation To Your Cause?

For over 40 years, Cool Springs has supported our community through charitable giving. Submit your cause for consideration and apply for funding directly on our website. While we review all requests, we can’t guarantee support for every cause. Click the button below to get started.

Cancellation & Disclaimer:

Please give a 7 day notice upon cancellation of your Night of Giving event. Events will not be placed on the calendar until the signed contract is returned to Cool Springs. Cool Springs reserves the right to cancel the contract at any time if any of the specific standards mentioned are not being honored. Each organization is limited to three Night of Giving events in a calendar year. Donation checks can only be made out to non-profit organizations.
*Availability for your preferred event day is not guaranteed. The date of your event will not be held until a completed contract is returned to Cool Springs. This offer is limited to nonprofit organizations only. 20% of all gross sales applies to any customer who mentions or turns in marketing materials specific to your event. Promotional materials may not be handed out on our campus prior to or during your event. Additional rules and restrictions may apply. See staff for details.