How to Keep Your Kids Busy at Home!

With schools being closed and kids being stuck at home and most parents still having to work, it’s important to find things to keep your kids busy. The most obvious choice available is screen time, but it’s also crucial to limit this and promote other activities to keep your kids learning, growing and developing. Here […]

Let the Water Do the Work

Recovery is a huge part of staying healthy & fit, and Cool Springs has just what you need! The Cool Springs Sports Complex has one of the fastest and easiest recovery machines for your body, the HydroMassage Chairs. Recovering from a workout has never been so easy! The HydroMassage Chairs use water pressure to release […]

5 Ways to De-Stress

Everyone has stress, and sometimes life can get a little overwhelming. At Cool Springs, we want to promote the overall health and wellness of all of our members and the entire community as a whole. To do this, we wanted to give everyone a few proven tips to reduce stress and anxiety. These may not […]

4 Tips to Keep Your 2019 Resolutions

Statistically, only 9.2% of Americans will actually make their resolutions last through the new year. Whether that resolution is to lose weight, quit smoking, save more money, etc, all of these are pretty large undertakings. But, keeping your 2019 resolutions is totally possible, and here are a few tips to help you be part of […]