At-Home Obstacle Course for Kids

This is a great way to keep your kids active while staying safe indoors! Have your kids collect random things around the house (stuffed animals, small bags of fruit snacks, basket (or small trash can), ball, bat, etc.) and create a “course” that your child has to follow in the room using tape/yarn. Create “challenges” […]

How to Keep Your Kids Busy at Home!

With schools being closed and kids being stuck at home and most parents still having to work, it’s important to find things to keep your kids busy. The most obvious choice available is screen time, but it’s also crucial to limit this and promote other activities to keep your kids learning, growing and developing. Here […]

CDG Summer Camps & the Pittsburgh Zoo

Pittsburgh, PA 6/13/19 – Cool Springs and CDG Summer Camps was happy to welcome the Pittsburgh Zoo as our first guest for our CDG Champs Summer Camp. Our CDG Champs Summer Camp runs every other week and each Wednesday we have a special guest. For the first week, we were lucky enough to have the […]

How Futsal Can Elevate Your Game on the Court & the Field

Elevating your game is more than a catch-phrase at Cool Springs. We believe in providing the best programming possible to help our players of all ages be at the top of their game. One of our favorite programs to amp up players’ game is Futsal. Our winter Futsal programs start soon, so we thought this […]