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Revolutionize Your Golf Game

NEW at Cool Springs - Toptracer30

Elevate your golf game with Toptracer30, an innovative tool from Toptracer. This new mode offers 30 tailored shots, including drives and approach shots, to challenge and improve your skills. With detailed feedback on each shot, it’s an ideal tool for golfers at any level, enhancing your experience with meaningful insights. Toptracer30 is the key to mastering your game efficiently.

A Decade of Happy Golfers

As a staple in the South Hills area, Cool Springs has attracted a community of passionate golfers. Hear their stories.

Introducing Cool Springs Smash Factor

Step into Our Reimagined Golfing Haven

Welcome to the newly transformed world of our Indoor Golf Simulators at Cool Springs. What was once a beloved golfing spot has now been reborn, blending the legacy of the past with a modern twist. We’ve re-envisioned this space to offer an even more immersive and enjoyable golfing experience.

Smash Factor Game Room

Step into our lively game room, a space designed for enjoyment and social interaction. Perfect for relaxing before or after your golf session.

Smash Factor Bar

Enjoy a drink at our refreshed bar between buckets at the range or . It’s a relaxed spot to discuss your game or just unwind after a round.

Smash Factor Simulators

Play on our state-of-the-art AboutGolf simulators. Whether you’re practicing or playing for fun, these simulators offer a great golf experience.