Recovery is a huge part of staying healthy & fit, and Cool Springs has just what you need! The Cool Springs Sports Complex has one of the fastest and easiest recovery machines for your body, the HydroMassage Chairs. Recovering from a workout has never been so easy!

The HydroMassage Chairs use water pressure to release tension and are perfect for before or after a workout to either loosen tight muscles before heading to the weights or the treadmill or as a nice cool-down before going home. Personally, I’ve never paid much attention to the recovery aspect of my health until I tried out the HydroMassage Chairs. Using the HydroMassages makes you actually look forward to going to the gym!

So, what are all the benefits of the HydroMassage Chairs?

Head into the Cool Springs Sports Complex to try out the new HydroMassage Chairs! Visit the front desk for more information.

4 sessions – $20
8 sessions – $35
Limited Time Offer Unlimited* Membership Add-On – $20/month
*one 10-Minute Massage per Day

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