With schools being closed and kids being stuck at home and most parents still having to work, it’s important to find things to keep your kids busy. The most obvious choice available is screen time, but it’s also crucial to limit this and promote other activities to keep your kids learning, growing and developing. Here are a few resources that you can use to help entertain your children during this crazy time!

Stay Active at Home

Keep your kids physically active at home with the help of Cosmic Kids Yoga! This YouTube Channel will make exercising and staying active fun for kids to connect with your kids and keep them engaged!


Bring art class home by helping your kids with these DIY projects! Here is a list from Good Housekeeping of 50 fun DIY projects that your children can do at home!

Learn at Home

Help your kids learn and grow while at home with the help of Scholastic! They have daily projects to help keep your children’s brains working. There are curriculums for all kids from PreK to 6th grade!

We hope that these resources help keep your children entertained and active while at home!

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