Shoot 360

Starting March 1, 2021, Shoot 360 will manage all indoor court events, programs, and activities within the Allegheny Health Network Sports Complex at Cool Springs. We are proud to welcome yet another first in class anchor tenant that will continue to offer cutting-edge programs to our community.

Passionate about the game of basketball Shoot 360 has focused on raising the bar for basketball training and competition on a global level. Their passion for the game has fueled their progress in developing the most technologically advanced and immersive basketball training and competition experience in the world. Powerful training tools and performance metrics used to measure improvement are instantly offered to members and real time virtual training and competition is no longer a concept it is a reality. Learn more about their services and membership opportunities at

“Calling cool springs home makes total sense. the community is strong, the players are rich with talent, and our team is robust with local and national coaches who are ready to help athletes shine” shares Jeff Main, owner.

About Shoot 360: Spurred by a couple decades of coaching at various levels and wanting to help his own kids play the game of basketball better, Shoot 360 Founder Craig Moody became interested in the fast emergence of technology in sports being used to help players at all levels improve their skill. Knowing that the excitement of an imaginative and immersive experience in the video gaming world was where people of all ages and especially kids spent a majority of their free time. Craig, along with partners Kirk Hendricks, Jurgen Achterbosch and Steve Landis set out on a journey to bring basketball training, technology and video gaming together for the ultimate basketball training and competition experience.

Century United Soccer

Starting August 1, 2020, Century United will manage all indoor field events, programs, and activities within the Allegheny Health Network Sports Complex at Cool Springs. Century became an anchor tenant in March of 2015 and has hosted club training, tournaments, regional league games, and the Century College Showcase at the facility. As Century evolved into the largest and most successful club in the region, and the need for a year-round full-service indoor venue grew more evident, it became clear that AHN Sports Complex at Cool Springs would become its exclusive home.

“We are excited to call Cool Springs the ‘Home of Century Soccer’. This state-of-the-art facility enables our highly licensed coaching staff the opportunity to offer elite level programming to our membership throughout the year,” shares Pat Vereb, President, and Director of Operations.

About Century United: Century United is the premier youth soccer club in the Pittsburgh region focused on developing the individual talent and character of each player to his/her full potential. Established in 1984, Century continues to revolutionize the sport with the most licensed and experienced coaches in Western Pennsylvania.

Additionally, Century Soccer will be overseeing any and all field agreements, which include tradeshow and expo rentals, leases, birthday party rentals, and more. To learn more about these products and to schedule a tour contact Century Soccer at…

Field Rentals

The Field at the Allegheny Health Network Sports Complex is approximately 180’ x 365′, making it one of the largest indoor turf fields in Western Pennsylvania. Century United Soccer will now be responsible for all field rentals. Contact … for more information.