Why Adult Sports are More Popular Than Ever

For many people, playing sports was a crucial part of childhood. From an early age, many of us were on the field or court playing hard all the way through high school. Most continue in some capacity throughout college, whether competitively to represent your school or recreationally in intramural leagues. And after a lifetime of sports as an integral part of your day-to-day, coming out of college can be a strange time. After years of being a part of a team, having regular physical activity without necessarily going to a gym, and always knowing you have a built-in reason to get out and interact with friends, many adults in their late 20s and early 30s have started wondering: why not keep it going?


Enter adult leagues! The demand for adult sport leagues had grown tremendously over the last decade, with people flocking to leagues of all kinds for a chance to maintain the athletic lifestyle they’ve known and loved.


Adult Volleyball

Physical Benefits

For many, the biggest draws to rec leagues are the physical benefits. Playing sports at any age keeps you active and healthy without feeling like a work out. “I can very easily talk myself out of going to the gym,” one adult league participant explained in this recent article, “but if I know that people are going to count on me to be there, I want to make sure to follow through on that. I think this will be an easy way to kick-start my routine and get me back in shape.”


This combination of fun activity and a team to keep you accountable is what most adult league fans miss from when they played sports. The physical benefits make joining a team the perfect gym alternative to keep active at a time when working and life often slow down your daily activity. It’s well established that just a half an hour of exercise every day can help you feel more energized, lower your blood pressure, and strengthen your bones and muscles. Playing on a team helps make those 30 minutes fly by.


But playing on a team goes further because it raises the fitness bar. Participants tend to train harder so they can play harder, and they want to play harder because their teammates are depending on them. This means working out serves a larger purpose and gives a boost of satisfaction and exhilaration that you don’t always get from your average cardio class.


Psychological Benefits

Adult Soccer

Playing on a team is also incredibly beneficial to your mental and social wellbeing. Team sports encourage strategy, spontaneity, creativity and other mental skills that you don’t engage from simply running on a treadmill or elliptical machine. It also allows you to let loose and be active without viewing it as work. When you engage with other people on a team, you tend to stop worrying about whether you’re working out hard enough and instead get caught up in the activity and fun.


Even more importantly, adult leagues add a huge boost of fun and camaraderie into your exercise life. For many, joining a team is a great way to meet new people or reconnect with old friends who you may have less time to see otherwise. Team sports provide a sense of connection that many who played growing up miss when they enter the adult world.


Bottom line?

If you’ve been looking for a way to stay fit but dread entering an actual gym, adult leagues are a perfect fit. Missing playing sports from when you were younger? Wanting to connect or reconnect with others who share your love of the game? Adult leagues are a great option! At Cool Springs, we offer a wide variety of teams to get you back in the game. Sign up today, you won’t regret it!

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