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Our Indoor Golf Simulators

aboutGolf Simulators is the exclusive on-air simulator provider for the Golf Channel.

Our new aboutGolf simulation system delivers unprecedented accuracy and performance-enhancing analysis, including verifiably accurate back and side spin data that gives you a true-to-live depiction of each shot.


While you’re enjoying the best golf simulation experience possible, you are also improving your game. The software delivers life-like reproductions of your favorite courses, so your dream course is at your fingertips!

Simulator Pricing & Hours

  • Our indoor aboutGolf Simulators are available daily from 10:00am – 10:00pm.
  • Each simulator costs $48 per hour.

Simulator Features

  • Proprietary 3Trak Ball Tracking Technology
  • Scientific Golf Club Data
  • PGA Tour Software with Range & Course Play
  • Complete Library of 29 Standard Courses
  • High Quality Turf and Double-Strike Stance Mat
  • High Performance Computer & Touchscreen
  • Complete Screen System with Protective Padding
  • Aluminum Structure and Fabric Enclosure

3Track System Benefits

Accuracy & Reliability

  • 3Trak has the ability to collect real life image data at two times the rate of any other simulation system. Consistent optical resolution and field of view result in 10x advantage in shot recreation accuracy.

Spin & Consistency

  • Shot data is collated within a monolithic calibration volume using velocity, spin and launch angles.

Unlimited & Comprehensive

  • 3Trak has the ability to track any shots, including those that fall short of the simulator screen. The system doesn’t require the ball to actually come in contact with the simulator screen itself, which is unmatched by any competition.

Unlimited & Comprehensive

  • The 3Trak accurate ball and club tracking system, combined with the aboutGolf software, gives you the best simulation experience of playing on any of the world’s best golf courses right here in your backyard.