Elevating Volleyball to New Heights with Coach Scott Sundgren and Jason Ferri

At Cool Springs, we believe in working hard and playing harder! Our mission is to help you elevate your game. We believe in working with the best and offering the best facilities possible to give you all the tools needed to take your game to new heights! One of the many sports we’re passionate about offering for both youth and adult athletes alike is volleyball. As we head into fall and winter, Cool Springs will be offer several youth clinics to improve your volleyball skills under the phenomenal leadership of Coaches Scott Sundgren and Jason Ferri.


We recently sat down with our resident volleyball experts to learn about how they got started coaching and all about their life-long passion for this awesome sport! Read on to learn all about Coach Scott and Coach J Fer and sign up today for the upcoming Fall Tune-Up Clinic or the Winter Clinic Series!


How did your passion for volleyball and coaching begin?

Scott: I started playing volleyball in high school.  In college, I decided to complete in other competitive sports including cycling, boxing, and triathlon.  As a student teacher, I was fortunate enough to work as a volunteer with Baldwin Girls’ Volleyball.  That really began my coaching career as I continued from there to coach Pittsburgh Elite.  Then I started at South Fayette and have been coaching there for 18 years.


Jason: I was a converted basketball player who learned to play Middle hitter in college on the fly because I could jump.  I was blessed to be around a lot of friends who ignited my passion for the game.  I got my start in coaching at New Brighton Middle School and High School where I quickly fell in love with coaching.   I was greatly influenced by some of the early things I read as a coach such as to “Play Hard, Play Smart, and Play Together.” This was a staple of the North Carolina way under Dean Smith and something I stress to my players to this day.


What qualities do you think make the best players?

S: I like players that are gritty.  Ones that are willing to fight for every point and work harder than anyone else.  I also want them to be positive.  Sports are difficult, mistakes are going to be made, players that can move on and keep the team believing will bring success to any program.


J: I appreciate hard work and unselfishness.  I had a senior on a team early in my career that told me I should be starting a sophomore instead of her.  She really got the team concept and wanted badly for our team to get to the post season.  That team went on to be the first high school team I ever coached to make the playoffs.  I attribute our team busting through that year to the unselfishness that permeated that team.


What made you both decide to partner up with us at Cool Springs?

S: It’s a fabulous facility with dedicated people.  I really like the forward thinking and the vision they have for the future.


J: The facility is fantastic of course.  Besides that though, Coach Sundgren and I have been really impressed by the people we’ve encountered at Cool Springs.  They want to build premiere programs that will have positive impacts of the surrounding communities and every kid that plays here.   That has really drawn us to Cool Springs.


What do you think players will gain from your programs, like the upcoming Fall Tune-Up Clinic and Winter Clinic Series?

S: The programs are designed to provide players with high level of instruction.  Players will have the chance to experience skills taught with the athlete in mind, allowing them to develop current skills and develop new ones.  Ultimately, I want them to return to their high school or club with the confidence that they will contribute in a positive way to their team’s success.


J: We look to elevate their skills, improve their volleyball IQ and enjoy the game!


What would you say to kids considering volleyball but who worry it might not be the right fit?

S: Go for it!  Trying something new will make you better in so many areas.  It forces you to think in different ways and use muscles you don’t normally use.  Volleyball is a blast to play.  It involves a high level of skill and athleticism.  It’s the ultimate team sport.  You and your teammates rely on each other to make things happen. I’m sure if you give it a chance, you’ll find a passion for it.


J: Volleyball is unbelievably fun and you can play it nearly anywhere around the world whether you are on the beach in Cabo or in a rec center in Indie.  People who play volleyball tend to want to pass on the joy of the sport.  Ask questions and don’t hold yourself back from giving it a try.


Coach Scott and Coach J Fer will be running a three-week Tune-Up Clinic starting on October 22 and a five-week Winter Clinic Series starting November 11. For more information, click here and be sure to sign up for a great program and a chance to work with these incredible coaches!

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